Hair tutorials- Easy as 1-2-3!

Getting ready for dance competitions can be overwhelming. Scratch that- they can be absolute chaos. If you’re a performer, you have to make sure your make-up and costume are absolutely perfect all while your routines run constantly through your mind one more time.  And if this were not enough, everyone else is running frantically around, poking and prodding at you.

However, as a performer, the competition is what you live for. As any competitive dancer knows, presentation is a very important part of all dance competitions, and hair is the crowning glory of his or her personal appearance.  You want to look your best so that you can dance your best. But that can get stressful when you have an endless amount of different hairstyles to choose from. So many hairstyles, so little time! There are multiple braids, buns, and ponytails to consider. Yet somehow, we still all end up with the same generic bun placed tightly on the tip-top of our head. Is this due to a rush of time, or the realization many dancers just do not know how to create any other look?  One thing is for sure when it comes to performance hairstyles–It is time to try something different!  The next time you are getting ready to go out on stage, stand out with one of our top 5 dancer hairstyles:

1: This team favorite is fun and trendy!
“The Bow Up-Do”
Here’s how:


2. An easy way to spice up your usual bun:
The Pinwheel Bun
pinwheel bun
 is how!

3. If you are a bigger fan of braids try this:
The Upside-Down French Braid
2 (1)
Tutorial here

4. This simple ponytail will have you performance ready in no time:
The Twists Pony Tail
Ponytail With Twists Hair Tutorial
Tutorial can be found here

5. Another twist on your classic bun:
Twist and Flip Bun
Try it out here


Let us know which competition hair style is your favorite by sharing with us on Facebook!


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