Why a Dance Journal Should Be Part of the Dancer’s Journey

A dancer’s journey is as personal as one’s dreams.  And tracking that journey in a dance journal allows the dancer to track where they have been and set goals for where they are wanting to go.   It is not uncommon to see the motivated and self driven dancers scribbling away in a worn looking notebook after a class or rehearsal.

Image by Walt Stoneburner (http://ow.ly/Dhp16)

Why A Dedicated Dancer Should Journal

Dancing requires both mental and physical strength over many years.  Keeping a dance journal allows the dancer to record their progress on what sometimes seems like a slow path to accomplishing goals.  When they are caught up in the daily or weekly classes it is sometimes hard to realize how much a dancer has grown.

Journaling also provides an outlet for the many emotions that a dancer experiences, such as frustration, disappointment, and elation.  Sometimes h/she can feel all of those in one class or rehearsal.  The emotional highs and lows are a journey in themselves but the journal also provides the dancer with a snapshot of their experience over the years.

Just like the art of Dance, the practice of journaling requires dedication.  Many dancers have a dedicated time that they journal.  Find the time that works best for you like right after your class or rehearsal.

What Do You Write About?

  • New combinations introduced in class
  • Choreography learned
  • Combinations that you want to try
  • Routines that you made up
  • Websites of videos and dance resources
  • Frustrations
  • Concerns
  • Accomplisments
  • Struggles
  • Teacher corrections from class
  • Dance goals; both long and short term
  • Who inspires you and why
  • What motivates you
  • What you are eating
  • Sleep habits
  • Stretches and exercises
  • Sketches or pictures that are meaningful or inspirational
  • Inspirational quotes
  • Celebrations
  • What you are currently working on
  • Favorite songs or music
  • A record of performances you have been in
  • Questions for your instructor or choreographer
  • Personal events with work, school or family
  • Personal reminders or To Do lists
  • Anything you want!

A dancer’s journal is a work in progress and will evolve as the dancer grows in his/her craft.  Its easy to forget how much effort you have put into something so tracking your progress can inspire you to keep pushing toward your goals.  You won’t realize how you have matured so its just as important to go back and reread your journal every so often.

Take The Leap

Image by Jenna Carver (http://ow.ly/Dhqnl)

Image by Jenna Carver (http://ow.ly/Dhqnl)

Find a journal that is right for you whether it is a pretty notebook or an electronic version.  Decide on the best time for you to journal so you can make it a part of your dance routine.  Finally, have fun with it and keep it locked up.  It’s personal!

Are you currently keeping a Dance Journal?  What are some of the things you record in it?  Comment below or share your thoughts on our Facebook and Twitter pages.  You just might become another dancer’s inpiration.



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