The Secret to the Platinum National Dance Competition’s Success

Terri Rogers, Platinum National Dance CompetitionPlatinum National Dance Competition was born from the many dance experiences of it’s founder, Terri Rogers.  Terri began dancing at age 3 and continued dancing through college at Louisiana State University.  Her daughter, Taylor, started dancing at age 7 for April Jackson and was asked to be on the competition team at 8 years old.  Terri says, “The competition scene was new to me then because when I was growing up in dance, there were only recitals; no competitions.  I noticed things that happened at competitions and thought to myself that if I had my own competition, I would do this or not this.”

One of Terri’s goals was to provide a spotlight competition event for children. The goal of the competition was for it to be fun for all the kids and parents involved.  Each competition has its own style, so getting kids more involved in the competition was the beginning of  her desire to start Platinum National Dance Competition.   Terri’s husband, Ron, had the business sense and she had the dance experience and the parent perspective.  “We got April involved  and started from scratch,” says Terri.   “We started in 2 cities the first year.  The business was built on being a fair and friendly organization. We are customer focused and strive to always go the extra mile to make our dancers and families happy.”

Screen Shot 2014-12-11 at 3.35.52 PMThe Platinum National Dance Competition began in 2007 with 2 cities and has continued to grow each year, mostly by word of mouth.  New features have been added each season.  Recent additions include the Platinum Experience, which is the convention held in the Fall, and the cruise giveaway.   Also new to Platinum this year is the  Platinum Apparel Model Search and the Platinum Store which was launched on the website on December 6, 2014.

Having been a dancer, parent, teacher and business woman, Terri brings all the perspectives of dance life to her business.  She understands what people are saying because she has been on all sides. That is rare.  Terri is proud to say “I am these people and I really wanted a competition that looked like this and I know what all those people are looking for in a competition.”

What can you expect from Platinum National Dance Competition?

We will treat all studios and dancers the same.   We try to incorporate all participants as family.   We look forward to seeing people each season.

We hire judges that are professional dancers that have not only been dancers in the field with working knowledge of this industry but also have experience in the classroom.  For example, they will know what an 8 year old is capable of.  They will also know what to expect of a 15 year old dancing two days a week at a recreational level versus a 15 year old dancing at an elite level.  We pride ourselves in our judges.  We encourage all participants to view our competitions as opportunities for dancer’s to grow regardless of what trophy they walk away with.

What is the Platinum Difference?

Feedback is important to us and we appreciate all kinds of constructive feedback.   Terri states, “I think what would really bother me is for someone to walk away from one of my competitions very unhappy and me not knowing the reason why and they are never coming back. Whatever you did not like about us, let us know and we will work our hardest to make the appropriate improvements with the hope you will return.  Here’s how to reach me directly:  (404) 551-4518.  Please call me.  Additionally, for those of you who have had a great experience at Platinum, let us know.  We would hate to make a change not knowing how it impacted you.

What Does the Future Hold for Platinum National Dance Competition?

We will continue to grow and make it a better competition year after year. We want to be innovative in the industry.  We know we can’t please everyone or accommodate every request but we will listen to you and see what we can do. We will keep growing and improving.

Terri recommends checking the website often to see all the exciting new additions and the competition calendar.  We are excited to have Regional Competitions in 31 cities and 2 Nationals Competitions this year.   Click here to see which competition will be closest for you.  You can also stay up to date on our news and events by following us on our Facebook and Twitter pages.   We look forward to seeing you this year!


 *Visit our website @ for competitions near you.







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