Dance Your Way into the Perfect Career

We think that dance is awesome. (Obviously.) It is not only fun and challenging, but it also promotes growth and maturation over time within the dancer. This is our FAVORITE part of dance: seeing young dancers work hard as little caterpillars, only to emerge after some time as beautiful butterflies.

And while it is likely every little caterpillar’s dream to grow up and be a professional dancer or hold a career in the world of dance, we know that our butterflies often flitter away to other industries and career paths. Which is simply more proof that dance is awesome: dancers don’t just learn technique, they learn lasting values and principles that help prepare them for the real world. BOOM. Dance wins! (Can you tell we enjoy a little friendly competition?!)

So what does dance really teach? Glad you asked! The list is long and includes many skills and traits that will prove useful in any profession. By spending plenty of time before instructors and judges, dancers learn the ability to accept critique and disappointment in a productive way.

Dancers also learn a level of healthy competition along with the ability to work well on a team. In putting lots of time in practicing to work towards their goals, dancers learn a great work ethic. The dancer will also learn a level of humility and respect on their journey from little caterpillar to beautiful butterfly.

But wait, there’s more! There are several, more specific skills and traits that the well-practiced dancer will learn – and we’ve paired career choices that match them below:




As you can see (and probably already know), the many lessons learned in dance are sure to prepare the dancer for a lifetime of success – both on and off the dance floor. While these are well-matched career choices for the dancer, the sky is truly the limit when it comes to possibilities. Just as we say when it comes to dance, we believe that you can do ANYTHING you put your mind to!

Now we’d like to hear back from YOU! If you have a career that you feel dance has helped prepare you for, we’d love to hear from you. Connect with us on Facebook, Google +, or Instagram to let us know all about it!


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