How to Thrive this Dance Season

Fall is officially upon us. Everything is pumpkin flavored, scented, or shaped. The leaves are starting to change. And most importantly, a new dance season is underway! If that thought has left you feeling a bit overwhelmed, fear not. We have a few tips for you on how to not only survive this dance season, but to thrive in it!

Untitled.png pndc

We suggest doing this the night before, when you are not rushed and can think through what you need to bring. If that’s not an option, take a moment during some free time and write down a checklist, so that even if you are packing in a hurry, you’ll be sure to grab everything. Here’s what we suggest:

  • Snacks. For a few nutritious ideas, check out our Dance and Dine post.
  • Water. We vote for an environmentally friendly reusable water bottle from home.
  • Hair & Makeup Kit. Here’s a great idea for storing hair accessories!
  • Travel Sewing Kit. Just in case! You never know when you might need it.
  • Emergency Kit. A little baggie with bandaids and tape would do just fine.
  • Deodorant. Keep an extra stick in your bag so you don’t have to constantly pack and unpack it. No one wants to be known as “the smelly dancer”.
  • Notepad and Pen. Immediately after class write down any special notes your instructor gave you, questions you need to answer, or ideas for next time.

Untitled.png pndc2

We know that your days and nights fill up quickly during the fall; this is such a busy time! So be sure and mark your calendar with all class, rehearsal, and recital days, as well as any additional practical days. Whether you like the pen and paper variety or do better using your phone calendar, mark it off! You’ve got enough to worry about and remember, so take this one off that list.

When it comes to class time, we suggest arriving about fifteen minutes early. This allows plenty of time for stretching, chatting, or a quick restroom break.


This one might sound a little strange, but we believe it is the best way to thrive throughout your dance season. Let’s face it; dancers are probably the most self-critical athletes out there. [And it doesn’t help to be constantly surrounded by mirrors!]  Knowing that, we believe it’s a good idea to reward yourself along the way. You need to give yourself grace, even if it’s forced. We suggest setting small goals weekly or monthly [even if the goal is simply to make it through one class!] and giving yourself a little prize once you achieve them. By focusing on the positive instead of the negative, you’ll be able to keep those spirits high and maintain endurance to finish the season strong.


We hope your new dance season is off to a great start! We sure can’t wait to see what all you’ve worked on during the next competition season. Now it’s time to chime in: Do you have any secrets of your own on how to thrive during dance season? We want to know! Connect with us on Facebook, Twitter, or Google +!



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