Tis’ the season to eat healthy!

The 2016 dance season is approaching, but there are a couple of big events coming up sooner than that: the holidays are right around the corner! What does this have to do with the upcoming dance season, you might ask? You’ll want to eat healthy during the holidays in preparation for 2016! Here are 4 tips for you for healthy eating during the holidays:


Screen Shot 2015-11-25 at 12.47.27 PM.png

If your goal at parties and family events is to choose healthy eating, you can always start with water. A study by “shape.com” tells us that that if you drink two glasses of water before your meal you will naturally eat less. Water is a good way to start your meals because it reminds you to make healthier food choices when you are already full. Staying hydrated is just as important as healthy eating!



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One of the worst things you could do at a holiday party or family gathering is to attend on an empty stomach. If you come hungry, EVERYTHING is going to look appetizing. If you are trying to eat healthy this holiday season, make sure you come prepared. Have a small meal beforehand—try a banana, some yogurt, or peanut butter and crackers. When the food comes out, you already have something in your stomach. If you arrive hungry, it could lead to poor food choices and a loss of control.



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Everyone wants to find ways to be creative, especially when it comes to food. Why not experience new foods and new recipes by preparing them yourself? You can find healthy new recipes on Pinterest, Google, or local cooking magazines. There are so many colorful, exciting recipes out there. You can even create your favorite dishes with healthier substitutes. If you find something you are excited about making, chances are other people will love it, too.


Screen Shot 2015-11-25 at 12.50.51 PM.png

At the beginning of holiday events, hosts usually have out the fun snacks and appetizers. However, the best—and most healthy—food might be right around the corner. When we say “the good stuff,” we mean the main dishes, the healthy options, and the fulfilling choices. This also lets you see all of the food choices before you decide. You can look at all of the options and then make the healthy decision.



We hope this helps you get better prepared for the Holidays! If you have any questions or comments, ask us on Facebook, Twitter, Google +, or Instagram. Happy Holidays!




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