Break it Down On Your Break: 3 Dance Moves to Learn Before the Next Competition Season

Competition season will wrap up next month, and we’ll be sorry to see it go! Fortunately, we’ve thought of a few great ways to pass the time until competition is back in action.

Last June, we discussed a few great ideas to make the most of your time off – including learning a few new moves. So which dances should you start with first? We’ve come up with three great options that will round out your competition resume.


1. Hip-Hop. 

Put a little pep in your step with these hip-hop dance moves. Adding an extra beat to your lineup for the next competition season will show off your versatility and make a memorable performance for you and your team. This YouTube tutorial breaks down some easy steps that are perfect for beginners. Once you’ve mastered these, find an intermediate tutorial and work your way up!


2. Focus On One Move

Are you struggling to perfect a particular move? Take some time to really focus on finessing your technique. For instance, you can look up videos like this one to improve your pirouettes, turns, tilts, and more – the possibilities are endless. This is a great way to add the finishing touch to an already incredible routine. If you feel confident in your skills for each of your moves, try searching for variations on them to make your routine stand out.


3. Learn A Dance Routine to a Popular Song

Find even more inspiration for new moves by learning the routine to a popular song, like this video that breaks down the routine to Meghan Trainor’s “All About That Bass.”  While you may not be able to use the routine for competition, you can get some terrific ideas for creating your own routine and stay in the habit of learning moves from a teacher. Not to mention that learning a popular dance routine is a lot of fun! You’ve worked hard this season, so make sure you enjoy yourself over the break.


What do you think? Is there a new dance move you’re just dying to learn? We want to hear about it! Share with us below, or on Facebook and Twitter.



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