Top 8 Reasons Why You Don’t Want To Miss Out On The Platinum Dance Experience Convention

  1. Meet and make new friends.

Yes, convention is awesome because you’re able to spend a fun-filled day or two with the dance friends you’ve already made at your studio. However, it also gives you the opportunity to meet and befriend other talented dancers from around the country! Spending all day sweating, dancing, and having fun together is a fantastic way to bond. Best of all, you already know that you have something in common with your fellow attendees — loving to dance!


2. See amazing performances by dancers of all ages.

The Dance Experience Convention is divided into three levels based on age and experience, and each level receives instruction on a variety of different dance styles. At the end of the day, each level holds auditions to decide who will win scholarships and other awards — meaning you get to observe the awesome routines your peers have been working on all day!


3. Learn new techniques.

The Dance Experience Convention offers multiple workshops ranging from tap to hip hop, and all classes are taught by experienced faculty members. This means that you’re getting the chance to learn and perfect your dance techniques while under the supervision of some of the best instructors out there. Nothing like getting feedback from the dance world’s finest!


4. Interact with some of the most talented professionals in the business.

The dance instructors that make up the Dance Experience Convention faculty come from all over the country and are some of the finest choreographers out there. You can see their award-winning work on the Broadway stage, in national commercials and music videos, in popular TV shows and blockbuster movies, and at prestigious universities and dane programs. Not only will you be learning from your faculty, you’ll also be able to get to know them. Who knows? Maybe in the future, you’ll be the one they call when they need one more dancer for that music video!


5. Show off your hard work and dancing skills.

Show us your moves! The Dance Experience Convention is the perfect time to showcase how hard you’ve been working all year. It could even help you win an award or scholarship!


6. Explore a new city or new part of town.

Myrtle Beach, Atlanta, Cincinnati…the Dance Experience Convention allows you to discover an exciting new city or town, no matter which one you choose to attend. It’s a dance extravaganza and a vacation all in one!


7. Get a chance to win scholarships and other awards.

Each class will have an Excellence Award that will be given out to one dancer chosen by the instructor. Additionally, there are six scholarships to other Platinum events up for grabs. Finally, each dancer will be awarded a participation certificate for the convention.


8.  Teachers receive a free pass for every 10 students they bring. 

Teachers and studio owners, this one is for you! For every 5-10 dancers that you register, you’ll receive one free teacher pass; if you bring 11-20 dancers, you’ll receive two free passes; for 21-30 dancers, you’ll get 3 free passes; and for 31+ dancers, you’ll receive four free passes. Talk about a steal!

We can’t wait to see you at the Dance Experience Convention!


Platinum Dance Experience

Dancers, the days are closing in and one of our favorite times of the year is almost here: Dance Experience! We could not be more excited. To get everyone on the same page, we are putting together a post for all potential dancers to get all of their information about rules, regs, classes to be offered, and all the important details in one area. So here it goes:

Rules and regulations:
★ There is no limit to the number of students any one studio can bring.
★ Teachers/studio owners are responsible for categorizing dancers based on age. Special consideration may
be made to challenge the dancers in a higher level than their age. Once a level is determined, no changes
can be made. Basic guidelines for levels – Petites, ages 8 & under; Juniors ages 9-12; Seniors, ages 13 & over. If a dancer is on the
cusp of a level it is up to the teacher’s discretion as to what level that dancer should be in.
★ Teachers must register. Registration allows them to attend or observe any levels of classes.
★ Dancers may attend in more than one city.
★ There are NO REFUNDS under any circumstances.
★ All dancers, owners, teachers, and observers should
conduct themselves in an appropriate manner at all times.
★ All dancers must be able to provide proof of age.
★ Dancers must attend all classes in order to be
eligible for scholarship audition.
★ Teachers and dancers who earn 50% of their income in a dance-related field
are considered professionals, and are not eligible for the scholarship audition.
★ Persons with inappropriate attire will be asked to change clothes.
★ No pets are allowed in Platinum workshop venues.

Classes to be offered:
★ The following dance styles will be offered at the Platinum Dance Experience: Jazz, Tap, Lyrical, Hip Hop,
Contemporary, and Musical Theatre.
★ Classes for Juniors and Seniors will be an hour long; however, teachers will allow time for students to change
shoes, grab a snack, get water, etc.
★ Classes for Petites will be 45 minutes long; there will be a separate audition and we
encourage all dancers to participate.
★ Each class will have a dancer awarded an Excellence Award, chosen by the teacher
and given out at the end of the day.
★ Auditions will be held at the end of the day. Dancers must attend the workshop in its entirety to
be considered for a scholarship. All dancers are automatically entered in the audition and will receive
numbers to wear throughout the day. Teachers will not only be choosing scholarship winners from the
audition but will also consider the dancer’s aptitude throughout the day. We encourage all dancers to
participate in the audition in order to experience the process, no matter what level the dancer is. Consider it another class!

Levels and entry fees:
★ Petites, 8 & Under: $50 ($40 if registered & paid 45 days prior to event)
★ Juniors, 9-12: $100 ($90 if registered & paid 45 days prior to event)
★ Seniors, 13 & Over: $100 ($90 if registered & paid 45 days prior to event)
★ Teachers: $75 ($65 if registered & paid 45 days prior to event)
Discount: 5-10 dancers = 1 free teacher pass, 11-20 dancers = 2 free teacher passes,
21-30 dancers = 3 free teacher passes, 31+ dancers = 4 free teacher passes
★ Observers: $20

For any other question you may have, check out our Facebook ( page or our website at!

We can’t wait to see everyone! Let us know below if we will be seeing you there!